Wellness Profiles

Adventist Health/Wellness Services offers a number of computerized health profiles that analyze current lifestyle factors and any additional screening tests that are available. Recommendations and other educational materials are included in the informative, personal reports. Individual and/or group education sessions are included. Group summary reports can be provided to employers in some cases. Our most popular assessments include:

Personal Wellness Profile

The Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) is currently our most comprehensive, computerized health assessment and is part of several Health Assessment Packages. The 20-page PWP covers a number of preventive health concerns including fitness, nutrition, coronary risk, cancer awareness, safety, tobacco and alcohol use, as well as stress and spiritual health. The report also provides personalized information and recommendations on the results of clinical and fitness tests that might have been performed. Because of the nature of the PWP, participants are usually asked to fill out the questionnaire prior to clinical testing. The data is then processed at our facility and reports are then mailed, or distributed at a group session. A multi-page Learning Guide accompanies the report. Personal results review and consultation sessions are available.

For large employers and groups, a confidential group report can be made available. This document provides a summary of key trends that can be used to help with targeting future health education efforts at the worksite. In addition, a group presentation is included in most packages where we use the PWP.

Health Age Profile

Because of its brief questionnaire and simple format, our Health Age Profile (HAP) is a great screening for a worksite health fair. It focuses on lifestyle factors that have been demonstrated to influence longevity. Participants will receive a "health age" that indicates whether their present lifestyle is tending to speed up or slow down the aging process. As with our other computerized profiles, the HAP is accompanied by educational materials and the opportunity for a brief consultation with a member of our Wellness staff.

The pricing for the Personal Wellness Profile and the Health Age Profile vary depending on the estimated number of participants and the needs of the client. For a specific price quote, please contact Wellness Services at 503-261-6611.

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