Home Health - Telehealth

Adventist Health Home Health is pleased to offer Telehealth as another Home Health resource by physicians who wish to closely monitor their patients.

Adventist Health's Telehealth can be very helpful for many types of patients including:

  • Patients recently discharged from the hospital
  • Patients requiring chronic care management, those that have had frequent ER visits
  • Patients with complex medication schedules
  • Patients whose diet and medication plans need frequent monitoring or adjustments

Telehealth monitoring helps:

  • Assess the need for early intervention
  • Reinforce the importance of patient self-care
  • Prevent emergency room visits and hospital readmissions
  • Efficiently deploy nurses for home visits where they are most needed
  • Initiate early intervention procedures

Telehealth services will provide this to your patients at no cost as a supplement to the home care services they are already receiving. Telehealth services will require physician orders and will be part of the patient's plan of care. Physicians will be asked to indicate requested monitor services and parameters for measurements so that the clinician can notify they physician if these are out of range. Trend data can be sent to physicians on a weekly basis or as requested.

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