Audiology Middle Ear Assessment

A middle ear assessment will help to determine if your eardrum is moving normally. This is done with both pressure and sound.

A plug rests inside the opening of your ear canal and is pressurized to see if the eardrum can move normally back and forth. This test is called Tympanometry. If there is fluid behind the eardrum or if there is the start of an ear infection, this test may be abnormal.

Then the plug will generate a loud sound to active a muscle behind the eardrum. This test is called Acoustic Reflex. Additional testing may be needed to determine if the muscle can hold for a few seconds. This test is called Acoustic Reflex Decay.

The Audiology Department at Adventist Medical Center performs middle ear assessments along with the diagnostic hearing evaluation for individuals age 5 and up. A referral may be needed from your doctor in order to bill your insurance.

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