Hospitalist Service

Referring Physician FAQ's


Q: How do I become an A&M referring physician?
A: If you are interested in utilizing the A&M Hospitalist Service for your hospitalized patients, please call us at 503-261-6985. Written requests may be submitted via fax to 503-261-6790 or mailed to Adventist Medical Center, Attn: A&M Hospitalist Service, 10123 SE Market St, Portland, OR 97216.

Q: How do I contact a hospitalist to discuss one of my hospitalized patients?
A: Call the hospital operator at 503-257-2500. For a new patient admission, ask the operator to page the on-call hospitalist with the phone number where you can be reached. For a patient who is already on A&M’s service, ask the operator to page the hospitalist with your contact information and the patient’s name.

Q: Does A&M accept direct admissions?
A: Yes. Prior to sending a patient for direct admission, we request that the referring physician speak directly to one of our hospitalists in order to provide details regarding the need for hospitalization and the results of any recent diagnostic testing.

Q: How often will I receive reports from the hospitalist(s) caring for my patients?
A: Our hospitalists will inform you as soon as possible in the event of an unexpected deterioration in your patient’s condition. Discharge summaries are generally dictated on the date of discharge and faxed automatically by the transcription service within two hours of completion. In cases where time-dependent follow up is needed, the hospitalist will call you to provide details, in addition to the discharge summary. We also encourage you to contact us if you have a particularly challenging situation that requires frequent communication.

Q: How can I help prepare my patients for the transfer of care to an A&M hospitalist?
A: Referring physicians play a vital role in advising patients about the transfer of their care to a hospitalist. Whenever possible, please directly inform your patients that you will not be caring for them and that you have chosen a physician who specializes in inpatient medicine to work with them during their stay at Adventist Medical Center. A patient education brochure is available to help you with this discussion.

10123 SE Market St, Portland, OR 97216(503) 257-2500