Family Birth Place

The Mama Shoppe

Lactation Supllies at the Mama Shoppe The Mama Shoppe is located within the Family Birth Place on the second floor of Adventist Medical Center 10123 SE Market St, Portland OR 97216.

The Mama Shoppe is an innovative way to meet the needs of maternity patients, new mothers and their families. The Mama Shoppe is a retail store that specializes in breast pumps, nursing bras and breastfeeding supplies along with a variety of snacks and refreshments for patient families while they are visiting.

Mama Shoppe Hours:

The Mama Shoppe is not routinely staffed. If you are interested in visiting or desire to make a purchase at the Mama Shoppe, the front desk staff in the Family Birth Place will be happy to assist you during daytime hours Sunday through Friday.

Lactation nurses can assist with equipment choices and bra fitting during the following hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Please call 503-251-6262 to arrange for an informal appointment to ensure a staff member will be available to meet your needs.

Some of the items you'll find include:

Breast Pumps


  • Pump-in-Style double electric breast pump
    - Shoulder Bag
    - Backpack
  • FreeStyle double electric breast pump
  • Swing, single electric breast pump
  • Harmony Manual breast pump
  • Miscellaneous breast pump replacement parts including:
    - All plastic attachments as needed for replacement
    - 12v vehicle lighter adapter
    - Replacement power transformer
    - Tubing

Maternity Support Belts

Prenatal Cradle Inc.

  • Mini Cradle
  • V Supporter
  • Prenatal Cradle

Nursing Bras

  • Medela Seamless Softcup Nursing Bra
  • Medela Comfort Nursing Bra
  • Medela Sleep Bra
  • Medela Hands Free Pumping Bra
  • Bravado Supreme Nursing Bra

Miscellaneous Items, including but not limited to:

  • Boston Billow Nursing Pillows
  • Breastfeeding Covers (modesty)
  • Ameda “Comfort Gel” hydrogel pads
  • Nipple Shields
  • Lanolin
  • Quick Clean Micro-Steam bags
  • Disposable absorbent breast pads
  • CaboCream – Cabbage leaf extract for engorgement related discomfort

Family Birth Place Lactation Supplies

10123 SE Market St, Portland, OR 97216(503) 257-2500