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Hospice - Our Team

With the diligent work and care of each team member, our goal is to control pain and distress. We also focus on the emotional, spiritual and social impact of the disease on the patient and the patient's family.

Our Hospice Team

Medical Directors

Two on-site physicians who are able to accept call responsibility for patients, provide home visits, and are available for consultation.


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing assistance with pain and symptom management.

Social Workers

Our social workers assist with community support services and arrange for end-of-life plans.


Our chaplains are dedicated to providing emotion and spiritual support.

Dedicated Physical Therapist

Our dedicated Physical Therapist will assist your patients with independence and safety, strength building, and providing equipment evaluation as well as caregiver education.

Massage Therapist

Our Massage therapist is able to comfort your patients and ease their pain, both of these qualified individuals are available based on your patient’s goals.

Music Therapist

Music therapy provides psychosocial support to the patient that may include singing, listening to music, playing instruments, and songwriting. Music therapy can distract patients from physical pain and provide emotional comfort.

Music Thanatologist

Music Thanatology employs prescriptive music, and offers harp and voice at the bedside of patients who are terminally ill. We contract with Sacred Flight for Music Thanatology requests. Visit www.sacredflight.org for more information.

Medication Delivery Couriers

Our medication couriers provide the convenience of delivering medication to the patient.

Specially Trained Volunteers

Our volunteers can assist with a variety of tasks such as shopping, light house-keeping and running errands.

Other Hospice Services

Defining Moments Program

A unique program where a volunteer has the honor of spending quality time and interviewing the patient regarding their precious life-stories. These life stories or “defining moments” are recorded on a CD, and the CD is presented to the family when the patient dies. Download a Defining Moments Brochure .


If you have any questions regarding our complementary services, please call our Hospice team at 503-251-6192.

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