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Emergency Room Experience

Emergency Room Ambulance - Adventist Medical Center

Adventist Medical Center’s new 32-bed ER is designed to treat the mind, body and spirit.


Ambulance Patient - Adventist Medical Center

Adventist Medical Center believes that your care begins the moment you call 911. Our expert staff collaborates with EMS and paramedics to ensure your care is our first priority.


Helicopter Landing Pad - Adventist Medical Center

Adventist Medical Center’s new Pavilion was built with a rooftop helicopter landing pad just seconds away from the ER. It also provides immediate access to nationally recognized Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular - one of only 2 accredited chest pain centers in Oregon.


Patient Care Team - Adventist Medical Center

Our highly skilled team of caregivers is focused on ensuring you receive the best care possible. The hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission and is ranked a Five Star Hospital for Community Value.


Dr. Wescott with Patient - Adventist Medical Center

Staffed 24 hours a day with a team of board certified ER physicians and highly trained nurses, Adventist Medical Center’s ER is focused on providing exceptional care in a timely manner.


Doctor with Stethoscope and Patient - Adventist Medical Center

The American College of Emergency Physicians recommends keeping an "emergency file" containing your insurance cards, a list of your medications, chronic conditions, allergies, and past surgeries that you or your loved ones can have access to should an ER visit be necessary.


Patient Care Team - Adventist Medical Center

Adventist Medical Center is the recipient of the American Stroke Association’s Gold Award because of our outstanding diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients admitted through the hospital's newly expanded ER.


Imaging Patient - Adventist Medical Center

 Our state-of-the-art technology, expanded space and ease of access combined with compassionate, knowledgeable staff help ensure a safe and healing experience.


Computer Screen - Adventist Medical Center

Adventist Medical Center’s ER treated more than 46,000 patients last year.


ER Discharge - Adventist Medical Center

Adventist Medical Center’s ER has among the shortest wait times in the Portland metro area. Your rapid medical evaluation begins the moment you check in.


ER Waiting Room

Our newly built 2,500 square foot lobby is designed to reduce anxiety and begin the healing process. Features such as comfortable seating, calming colors, soft lighting, an oversized fireplace, flat screen televisions as well as food and beverage stations are designed with the patient in mind.


Compassionate Physicians - Adventist Medical Center

Emergency visits are never planned. At Adventist Medical Center’s ER, you’ll find a calming voice in the time of chaos and uncertainty. We are committed to helping you and your loved ones through your healing process.


Kids in the ER - Adventist Medical Center

We believe that providing families a safe and nurturing environment is essential - especially during stressful times. Adventist Medical Center's ER is equipped and experienced to handle emergencies for children and adults of all ages.


Technicians Looking at Screen - Adventist Medical Center

The ER staff works closely with the laboratory and radiology departments to make accurate and rapid test results a priority. Once results are provided to the ER, physicians are able to evaluate the appropriate treatment plan.


Nurse with Patient - Adventist Medical Center

No matter how serious or minor the injury or illness, our staff understands that timely, accurate diagnosis helps alleviate a stressful circumstance.


ER Discharge - Adventist Medical Center

Before you leave the ER, you will be provided discharge instructions in writing. It will include the names of physicians that you saw, the diagnosis that was made, follow-up instructions, and any prescriptions you may require.


ER Team - Adventist Medical Center

Care you can have faith in.



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