MyAdventistHealth Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do in MyAdventistHealth?

MyAdventistHealth includes functions that allow you to

  • View specific lab results
  • View education documents that were given at discharge
  • View a list of home medications
  • View allergies
  • View immunizations given in the hospital

What things can’t you do or see in MyAdventistHealth?

  • Billpay is not currently integrated into MyAdventistHealth. The link to the online billpay service is available within MyAdventistHealth.
  • Radiology and pathology reports do not show in the patient portal at this time.
  • Five categories of lab results are excluded from MyAdventistHealth: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and HIV.
  • Patients cannot send messages to physicians who practice only in the hospitals.

Is there an app for that? (Is there a MyAdventistHealth mobile application, and if so, for what platforms?)

MyAdventistHealth is based on reactive web design technology. It automatically scales to adapt to various screen sizes, including mobile device screen sizes. No mobile application is needed, because it works on all web-enabled mobile platforms.

When will your lab tests show up on MyAdventistHealth?

As soon as they are processed and documented.

Can patients sign up without being seen?

No, patients will be offered enrollment during the Registration process in the Emergency Department and at the hospital. At this time, there is not an option to self-enroll.

Will caregivers have proxy access to patients’ data?

Yes, proxy capability is available for parents of children, family of the elderly, or others who manage someone else’s health care. Access to someone else’s data will be controlled under the existing policies of the HIM department.

What is Cerner Health?

Cerner Health is a Personal Health Record (PHR) that provides you with a secure way to collect, manage, and share your health-related information. Cerner Health allows you to share your health information with family members, doctors, other members of your care team, as well as a growing number of health, wellness, and condition management programs. It's your information - you control who has access and can modify that access at any time.

Cerner Health provides a collaborative environment to help you manage your health and the health of your family. Go to to learn more.

What is a Cerner Health account?

A Cerner Health account is a secure account on the internet that allows you to access your Cerner Health PHR and a family of solutions that allow you to actively engage in your health. Participation in Cerner Health is currently by invitation only. You must be invited by a health care organization, such as your doctor's office. The email invitation sent to you has a link to a page where you can create a secure account and get access to your data at your health care organization.

Cerner Health works hand-in-hand with MyAdventistHealth to provide a secure login and share your health-related information. In addition to information that you add or upload, you can receive and store electronic visit and care documentation from your doctors and hospitals.

What information is exchanged between Cerner Health and MyAdventistHealth?

MyAdventistHealth understands that your personal health information is sensitive and private. Only you can access your information unless you give access to others. When MyAdventistHealth is connected to your Cerner Health account, the only information exchanged about you is name, gender, and date of birth to confirm your identity.

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