Sustainability Management

Honoring God’s creation by reusing and recycling our material resources.

Adventist Medical Center currently recycles:

  • over 180,000 Lb. of paper per year which is equivalent to the weight of about 95 VW Bugs
  • over 131,000 Lb. of cardboard annually which is equivalent to the average weight of 524 refrigerators

The hospital also recycles: cans, glass/plastic bottles, glass, florescent lights, batteries, electronics, kitchen oil and metal.



Red Bag Machine processes hospital medical waste. On-Site Processing of Most Medical Waste and Sharps Containers

Starting in August of 2011 over 282,000 Lb. of medical waste collected annually is shredded, sanitized and processed on campus. This leads to 90% reduction in processed waste by volume and 15% reduction in weight. Produces sterile, non-recognizable and non-hazardous waste.

Entire waste disposal process is in a closed system:

  • No harmful emissions
  • No toxic chemicals to store, treat, or discard
  • No offensive odors
  • No bio-hazardous or infectious water discharged into sewer system
  • No “infectious medical waste discoveries” on streets or beaches

On-site sterilization eliminates:

  • Transporting of infectious medical waste through the community
  • Need for landfill site and zoning hearings
  • Concern about further infection caused by extensive hauling and handling
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